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What is PowerAire?

Your own personal micro-grid

PowerAire is a tri-generation appliance that produces cooling, heat, and power from one package. It’s a combination appliance – including a backup generator – that reduces electricity consumption for any building.

By performing all three functions simultaneously, PowerAire increases the net result of the fuel used – natural gas or propane. The result is clean, dependable and inexpensive energy compared to the frail, inefficient electric grid. This leads to greater efficiency, power outage savings and savings off utility bills.

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How it works?

The result is lower energy bills and resiliency through power outages.

Through the use of a natural gas (or LP) fueled engine, PowerAire simultaneously produces cooling, heat, and power at the point of use. The engine drives an alternator (electricity) and a compressor (cooling) while a heat exchanger captures the engine’s heat. This allows the home or business owner to benefit from maximum efficiency in energy generation. The process is typically two to three times more efficient than a centralized electrical utility grid.



The first of it’s kind producing cooling, heat and power simultaneously, PowerAire increases your energy efficiency over the electrical grid.


PowerAire allows for net metering of unused electricity and demand response. Inputs for solar or wind power provide a renewable energy interface to your building and the grid.


High energy batteries provide power and the engine continues to produce cooling, heat and power during a power outage.


The engine runs on clean burning, domestically produced natural gas or propane. This low cost fuel in addition to the system’s high efficiency design, helps reduce your energy bill.

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